The Learning Journey
Women's Circle
Twice a month, on Fridays from 15.00 to 16.30 CET
The Women's Wisdom Circles Learning Journey (Women’s Circles) is a new experimental, hands-on U4P format for women of all ages and all cultures and traditions who see their life's journey as exploring and improving our world through their own journey and transformation as women, mothers, leaders, wives, and partners.

We meet without reports or speeches; as we are, we open space and create together, live, ask questions, share our stories, and practice togetherness, sincerity, wisdom, and depth. We try different ancient and well-known formats of transformation and living and create new ones that connect the wisdom and depth of us all.

For now, we are practicing via Zoom, but we want to create offline formats. The meetings are built in the format of “breathing circles" — participants come when they are ready to be with themselves and others when there is a request. Between meetings, we explore issues and conditions and record this in a common diary.
The Women's Circles practice space is always open twice a month, on Fridays from 15.00 to 16.30 CET.
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