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“Evolutionary Renaissance Assembly: The Dream of the Earth” online forum aimed to catalyze a conversation about a new long-term dream for humanity and making it a reality. The forum has become a true planetary gathering, attended by over 600 participants from 77 countries and 306 cities. It was also a true gathering of worldwide leaders, with more than 30% of attendees being founders or owners, and over 25% being CEOs or Presidents, of their organizations.
  • 306

  • 600+

  • 77

  • 25%

    Founders & CEOs
The main organizer of the forum was Global Education Futures, a global think-do-tank focused on skills and learning models for thrivable futures. It partnered with multiple international organizations and movements, including Learning Planet Institute, Laszlo Institute of the New Paradigm Research, Youth x Youth, Living Cities Earth, Ecocivilisation, and others. The forum was conducted in support of HS4A, a global campaign on Human Security for All initiated by The World Academy of Art & Science and the UN Trust Fund on Human Security.

During the forum, there were four keynotes by world-leading evolutionary thinkers and visionaries – Ervin Laszlo, Jeremy Lent, Duane Elgin, and David Sloan Wilson. Twelve panels explored dimensions of global transformations, with over 50 speakers – luminaries, gamechangers, forward-looking political, business, and social leaders of different generations – sharing their opinions about the perspectives of our future.

The three-day program explored various aspects of human development, governance, education, and economy, with a focus on envisioning a more sustainable and harmonious future. It involved discussions on themes such as the significance of human dreaming, the age of planetary consciousness, the future of work, and the role of capital and money in supporting a sustainable transition. There were also panels on the decolonization of learning and decision-making systems, intergenerational collaboration, and the integration of the feminine perspective for societal transformation.

The forum also featured a co-designing session for The University for the Planet, a global platform aimed at developing leadership skills and solutions for planetary problems, and a co-creation of Evolutionary Development Goals, a system of global objectives guiding humanity towards an evolutionary transition for a prosperous and sustainable future.
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