The Next 100 Years:

Co-Creating Thrivable Futures

Proposal for Learning Planet Festival

26 January 17-18.30 CET

Imagine a future where humanity thrives in harmony with our planet, guided by a shared vision beyond environmental, social, and technological thresholds. A session at the Learning Planet Festival, inspired by the newly "The Next 100 Years: A Bridgeway Across the Decisive Century", invites you to co-create this future.

The book, born from journeys across six continents and hundreds of visioning sessions with diverse stakeholders, presents a compelling roadmap for navigating the "make it or break it" moment we face. It unveils pivotal steps for economic, leadership, cultural, and consciousness transformations, empowering us to:

  • Transcend the polycrisis: We're at a critical juncture where traditional approaches fall short. This book offers novel solutions for navigating the intertwined environmental, social, and technological challenges.
  • Co-create a new human dream: Discover a shared vision that goes beyond mere incremental change, inspiring individual and collective action towards a thriving future for all.
  • Bridge the divides: Navigate potential conflicts between emerging and established power players, fostering inclusive collaboration and win-win outcomes.
  • Become planetary citizens: Cultivate a "planetizen" peace-based culture that recognizes our interconnectedness with the living world and promotes harmonious existence.
Speakers (tentative)
The session will discuss key ideas and contributions of the book, followed by a collaborative mapping of transformational initiatives that can contribute to the positive futures in the next 100 years of humanity.

Join us at the Learning Planet Festival as we ignite a global conversation around "The Next 100 Years." Let's embark on a journey of co-creation, bridging the divides and paving the way for a thrivable future for humanity and the planet.

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