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2023 / 18-20 / October


About the Forum
An integral objective of the forum is to initiate the development of Evolutionary Development Goals, a comprehensive system of global objectives guiding humanity towards an evolutionary transition, capable of fostering a prosperous and sustainable future.
Humanity finds itself at the peak of its power, yet simultaneously faces a growing poly-crisis that poses a significant threat to its long-term well-being. These two phenomena are interconnected, as the prevailing model of economy and governance relies on extractivism, exploitation, and violence. Continuing along this path is undeniably perilous, but scalable and viable alternatives have not yet been fully realized. We lack a "Planet B" or an alternative “Civilization B” that could serve as a new path of development in case the current order collapses.
The existing visions of the future, such as communism, liberalism, consumerism, and techno-optimism, are mere extensions of outdated industrial and colonial models, lacking the transformative potential we need. It is crucial to envision long-term pathways for the future, to perceive the planetary crisis through the lens of our species' history, and to project ourselves 50, 100, or more years into the potential future. By understanding the evolutionary crisis our species faces, we can embark on an evolutionary transition towards a new level of existence.
The mission of the Evolutionary Renaissance Assembly (ERA) forum
is to initiate a conversation about a new dream for humanity that can breathe life, inspiration, and prosperity into our collective endeavors. To achieve this, we must expand our thinking and broaden our horizons, considering profound changes in our worldview, thought processes, and actions. The forum, scheduled for October 16-18, 2023, will be supported by partners such as Global Education Futures, Learning Planet Institute, Laszlo Institute of the New Paradigm Research, and others. Over three days, it will delve into three overarching themes: understanding the essence of the evolutionary crisis, exploring new approaches to technology, economics, and governance, and shaping models of new education and learning for a regenerative, inclusive, and decolonized society.
  • 4
    of experts sharing their vision on human development as invitation for discussion
  • 3
    online program about the visions of the human development
  • 5
    on the most important topics how to overcome the growing poly-crisis
  • 2
    sessions for interactive work together
Program of the ERA Forum
Day 1 / October 16 / Monday
In search of a New Human Dream: Visions and Goals
13:00 – 14:00 CET
Opening session: “Paradigms for the New Golden Age: what will work for the 100% of humanity?”
Conversations between communities that work with long-term visions of the future: Do we have conflicting dreams (e.g. “singularity” vs “ecoutopia”) or complimentary ones? How do we hold space for multiple & inclusive futures?
14:00 – 14:30 CET
Keynote 1: Upshift and Survival Imperative
14:30–15:30 CET
Panel 1: “Consciousness Evolution: Rising to the Age of Planetary Consciousness”
Francois Taddei Learning Planet Institute, Jude Currivan, Victor Motti Alternative Planetary Futures Instiutue, Anneloes Smitsman EARTHWise, Marylin Hamilton Integral Cities
What responsibilities do we hold as a planetary species, and what ethos do we cultivate?
15:30 – 16:00 CET
Keynote 2: Evolutionary challenges of humankind
16:00–17:00 CET
Panel 2: “Evolution of Culture: moving to Non-Violent Futures”

Frederico Zaragoza Cultura del Paz Fundacion, David Gershon PeaceBy2030, Brother David Steindl-Rast
How do we create conditions for harmonious relations within and between human communities and make cultural leap to non-violent society in one lifetime?
17:00 – 18:00 CET
Co-creative session: Evolutionary Development Goals
Interactive, facilitated by U4P team
Introduction of EDG Concept and brainstorming on EDG principles & formats. This session will activate the work on the first version of Evolutionary Development Goals during Autumn 2023.
Day 2 / October 17 / Monday
Making Dream Real:
Evolution of Technology, Economy & Governance
14:00 – 15:00 CET
Opening session: “The Next 50 Years of Economy”
Anton Stepanenko BCG, James Erlich Stanford, Bill Reed, TBD
Discussion of the “next 50 years of work” and possible shape of future economic scenarios
15:00 – 15:30 CET
Keynote 1: Transiting to Capitalism 4.0
15:30–16:30 CET
Panel 1: “Technologies as a force of good?”
list of speakers TBD
How can technologies positively contribute to human flourishing? Can they assist the evolutionary transition in an empowering way? How do we work with “dark side” of technologies?
16:30 – 17:00 CET
Keynote 2: New Entrepreneurship & Role of Inner Development Goals
17:00–18:00 CET
Panel 2: “Capital / money as a force for good

Ketan Patel Future of Capital, list of speakers TBD
What is the evolution of capital & money, and how to activate the potential of capital to support the evolutionary transition? (incl. Crypto & Fintech, Crowdfinding, Ethical finance, Impact investment + SDG)
18:00 – 19:00 CET
Panel 3: “New models of governance”
Adam Molyneux-Berry Weaving Lab & CoCo, list of speakers TBD
How new models of governance & leadership can contribute to the transition of humankind? New types of governance (Collectivism, Digital democracy), new leadership models (weaving, liminal), new tech for governance (Blockchain & DAO)
Where to evolve to take voices of voiceless including small nations & indigenous communities, non-human agents (e.g. whales, rivers, …)
Day 3 / October 18 / Wednesday
Learning for New Dream: Communities & Movements
Interactive day to discuss & cocreate new inclusive principles & models of learning to fulfil the new human dream.
Sessions will include:
1. Decolonization of learning: Global South perspective, Pluraversity approach
2. Indigenous perspective: voices of communities excluded from and harmed by modernist education
3. Youth perspective (provisional partnership with YxY, LPI and others)
4. Feminine perspective

The day will close with the discussion of the University for the Planet concept and the signing of U4P Memorandum

Our Partners
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2023 / 16–18 / October

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