Fostering Thrivable Futures through Education
Co-Creation session 28 November 2023
The first co-creation session explored two essential questions:
  1. What human qualities define our potential as a planetary species in service of all life? How can we amplify these qualities through both learning and education?
  2. How can we evolve our global society to support our mission as a planetary species - and how can new models of learning facilitate this evolution?

What comes next? Based on these insights, we are now more than ever inspired to move towards our main focus of 2024: launching The University for the Planet. This is not just an institution, but a vibrant ecosystem where the echoes of the co-creation sessions will find fertile ground. We envision a space where evolutionary leadership education empowers individuals to become agents of positive change, where “knowledge gardens” connect activists across borders, and where future visioning practices birth desirable realities through collective foresight.